23/09/2013, 21.00
Kino Šiška/Katedrala
Entrance (6 eur advance sales, 8 eur walk-up)

It's in the How (Jaka Šimenc & Catherine Jauniaux  & Jurij Konjar);  sep. 2013

foto: Nada Žgank

The staging is part of Jurij Konjar“€™s two-year research project Still within the Modul Dance network. When observing a stationary object attentively, its inability of not-moving can be observed. In the piece Still, dancer and choreographer Jurij Konjar and his colleagues continue to explore processes within a present moment.

Taking a closer look at a still living body brings attention to the human inability not to move. With the performance Still, dancer and choreographer Jurij Konjar with his collaborators continues a research into processes within the present moment.

How do we observe change? How do we inhabit it? What is a useful score? What instructions does the space between two performers reveal? What inspiration can a score bring to performers meeting for the first time? Can IT be a place of meeting? What dialogue can be observed in real time? What can be transmitted from one score to another? Can we further expose the mechanics of a score, by changing the medium in which those mechanics are unravelled? How can we stage an environment where this process can take place? How does awareness of the audience change this process? How can the process be made accessible in a performance situation?

Process in collaboration with: Franck Beaubois, Raquel Minako, The Athens ensemble, Catherine Jauniaux and Jaka Šimenc.

Jurij Konjar is a choreographer and dancer. He obtained his dance technique in Ljubljana and London, and he studied in the P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. He has worked with Les Ballets C de la B, Maja Delak, Emil Hrvatin, Boris Charmatz, Lisa Nelson and Steve Paxton. He created several performances: Catharsis for Beginners, Ulysses, Goldberg Variations, and for Julian Mer-Khamis. In Electronic Cigarette 2007 he had a head injury, which led him to research the potentials of the present moment.

Concept and choreography: Jurij Konjar

Performing: Catherine Jauniaux, Jurij Konjar in Jaka Šimenc

Lighting design: Jaka Šimenc

With the support: Ministrstvo za kulturo RS and Modul-dance