Modul-dance is a multi-annual cooperation project (2010-2014) with the participation of 20 European dance houses from 16 countries.

Its main aim is to support development, mobility and exchange for dance artists.

After three selections (2010, 2011 and 2012), the project now hosts a community of 52 European artists. It offers them a framework tocreate and present their work to different audiences, linking diverse proposals, aesthetics and sensibilities under the same umbrella. The artists develop an artistic piece within a 4-module structure across Europe consisting in research, residency, production and presentation modules. They also receive dramaturgic advice and share an intense process of dialogue with the dance houses.

Besides, more than 40 artists have been invited to carry out research work within the Carte Blanche programme at one or more of the dance houses participating.

Modul-dance sets up conferences and think tanks in order to share reflections and establish critical feedback among dance communities, and organizes festivals and film screenings.

The project takes advantage of its partners’ specificities and variety of management models to maintain a permanent and sustainable network of cooperation that crosses borders and boasts a European vocation. the selection of artists creates a map reflecting artistic excellence and aesthetic diversity.

Thus, modul-dance draws on difference to create a commitment, a working model for the future of the performing arts and cultural management in Europe and beyond.

The project operates under the umbrella of the European Dancehouse Network (EDN) and is funded Forex by the European Commission through its Culture Programme.