Ukrep Festival of Dance Perspectives was designed by Rok Vevar and Sinja Ožbolt in 2008. Its aim is to respond to the needs and development issues of contemporary dance.

The goals placed in the focus of attention include: (1) to join domestic dance artists at the beginning of their creative paths in creative dialogue; (2) to respond to the current needs of the dance scene by articulating the conditions for short-term and long-term development of contemporary dance programmes in Slovenia; (3) to establish a creative dialogue between Slovenian contemporary dance artists, theoreticians and producers; (4) as a discipline, to avoid lamentations regarding the cultural policy ; (5) to seek the decentralisation of the contemporary dance scene in Slovenia by combining dance artists from various locations around Slovenia; (6) to open new forms and methods of festival programming in line with the current needs; (7) to provoke the responsiveness of contemporary dance to artistic, social, political issues of a certain current moment; (8) to encourage contemporary dance in a given moment to redefine, retheorise and rearticulate its contemporary and emancipatory mode; and (9) to articulate in a single location the emerging phenomena of contemporary dance based on selections, strategies and measures.