torek, 27. 11. 2018 // Tuesday, 27th November 2018

9 pm, Španski borci

Vstopnice/Tickets: 7 EUR (Predprodaja /Pre-sales), 9 EUR (Regular)



Koncept in koreografija/Concept and Choreography: Mala Kline

Kreacija in izvedba/Creation and Performance: Eftychia Stefanou

Prostor/Space: Petra Veber

Glasba in zvok/ Music and Sound: Nenad Sinkauz

Luč in tehnično vodstvo/Light and Technical Direction: Jaka Šimenc

Kostumografija/Costumes: Amanda Kapić

Asistentka kostumografinje/Costumographer assistant: Natalija Lesjak

Technical Assistance/Tehnična pomoč: Anže Kreč

Kreativni dialog/Creative dialogue: Mesut Arslan

Izvršna produkcija/Executive production: Ajda Kline

Produkcija/Production: ELIAS 2069, Mercedes Klein
Koprodukcija/Coproduction: Pekinpah, Center kulture Španski borci/Zavod EN-KNAP, Platform 0090 Antwerpen, Kino Šiška in/and Nomad Dance Academy (CoFestival)

Podpora/Supported by: Ministrstvo za Kulturo Republike Slovenije/ Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Mesta občina Ljubljana, Oddelek za kulturo/ City of Ljubljana, Department of Culture

Zahvala/Thanks to Urša Sivič, Hana Vodeb, Aleš Zorec, Gašper Puntar.


Choreographer, dancer, philosopher and dance pedagogue Mala Kline, who has been living and working in Belgium and Slovenia for a number of years, is one of the most recognisable choreographic names of her generation. She is an excellent dancer and performer with a vast choreographic opus and methodologically precisely developed dance practice. She has an extremely rich and internationally recognised dance history, for she entered the professional contemporary dance field at the tender ago of seventeen. From her very beginnings her choreographic work emerged from the construction of unusual stage images, which never turn into a clear and indisputably structured stage sign, but create specific, flowing and potent atmospheres, compounded from consistent and methodologically precisely organised choreographed organisms. 


‘All her artistic and theoretical work is embedded in the practice of dreaming. Dreaming is a way of an experiencing body processing the ongoing flow of perceived information by constantly generating images. On the base of Saphire™ work she developed a creative and performative practice of presencing – a way of unfolding of the moving body in dialogue with the intentionality of the emerging images and with their affective and transformative powers in order to generate movement vocabulary and expand its possibilities while sculpting physical actions in time; and dreamwork, a system for dance improvisation and real-time composition, which engages with dreaming awake and at night in diverse group-settings as a way of collective unfolding of language, logic as well as the compositional principles from dreaming itself. She teaches these practices in different settings throughout the EU. She also uses Saphire™ in coaching and mentoring artists, researchers, entrepreneurs and other creative professionals to facilitate personal transformation and to enhance focus and subversive creativity.’

In the performance SONG Mala Kline focuses on love themes, for she states that SONG ‘is a love song we sing with every utterance we make’. In her accompanying text to the performance she, amongst others, writes: language is one / body is one / life is one / one touch / one kiss / one breath / just one / just you / just me / just him / just my love / just my dove / just one left / just…’ The performance of  SONG at the CoFestival will be the Slovene premiere of this piece.