sreda, 28. 11. 2018 //Wednesday 28th November 2018

8 pm, Kino Šiška, Katedrala Hall

Vstopnica/Ticket: 7 EUR (predprodaja/Pre-sales), 9 EUR (na dan dogodka/on the day of the event)



Koreografija/Choreography by: Nikolina Pristaš

Koreografsko sodelovanje/Choreographic Assistance: Zrinka Užbinec
Dramaturgija/Dramaturgy by: Ivana Ivković, Tomislav Medak

Izvedba/Performers: Ana Kreitmeyer, Lana Hosni, Ivana Pavlović

Glasba/Music: Helge Hinteregger, Martin Koller

Prostor/Set Design: Igor Pauška

Kostumografija/Costumes: Silvio Vujičić

Zvok/Sound: Jasmin Dasović

Oblikovanje svetlobe/Lighting Design: Sara Bundalo

Producent/Producer: Danijel Popović

Podpora/Supported by: Urad za izobraževanje, kulturo in šport mesta Zagreb/Zagreb City Council for Culture, Education and Sport, Ministrstvo za kulturo Republike Hrvaške/Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia


Performance Spores deals with maintenance as the aspect of work that is the pre-condition to any creativity or production. We maintain spaces, tools, physical shape, intra-personal relations, hygiene standards, and numerous other things. Maintenance is an activity that disrupts the continuous work through repetitive insertion and the progress, change, and conversion are submitted to a peculiar hibernation as part of this very activity. “Liberated” dancing body, its work and self-consumption are the place of the embodied contradiction as the tool and the worker are never separated in it. BADco. focuses the work efforts on bodily rotation, a turn, as the place of choreographic infrastructure that clashes with the crisis in the exact moment when the movement could not be distinguished from repetition anymore. Spores are based on the poem by American poet Anne Boyer with the title What Is Not Writing?