Kino Šiška, Katedrala Hall and Komuna Hall, Sunday, 24th September 2017, 8pm
Tickets: 7/9 EUR
Duration: 75 min
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The Polish choreographer, dancer, performer and musician Magdalena Chowaniec, who lives and works in Vienna, set up the performance Sanctuary as a place of combat between the invasive trademarking of our lives and existence. The rhythmical trademarking of the everyday encourages the emergence of the monotonous choreography of human self-sales, which are strengthened by social rituals, by branding human bodies and ballast mimicry. The performance is gradually becoming dressed in ever more absurd populist clothes. The unstated becomes an obligation, while the struggle for clarity of an individual life becomes an ever more banal play of self- depiction. The equal sign between the various ideological apparatuses, which appear in the performance as meta-theatre machines, becomes increasingly direct. The theatre is an experimentation range, a metaphor for the contemporary trademarked society and the choreographic sanctuary. Magdalena Chowaniec underlines the void of the over jaded images, words and behavioural matrixes with a revengeful form of poster two dimensionality, while the grotesqueness pushes this absurd ritual towards its final implosion.


Koncept in režija/Concept and Directed by: Magdalena Chowaniec

Nastopajoči/Performance: Magdalena Chowaniec, Mzamo Nondlwana and Markus Steinkellner

Glasba/Music: Mermaid&Seafruit (Markus Steinkellner, Magdalena Chowaniec)

Besedila/Lyrics: Mermaid&Seafruit

Oblikovanje svetlobe/Lighting design: Joe Albrecht

Kostumografija in scenografija/Costumes and Set Design: Magdalena Chowaniec

Produkcija/Production: VierHochDrei

Koprodukcija/Coproduction: WUK Theater/Tanz.