Eating, Socializing, Reflecting and Performing

26/11/2016, 18:00 Eating, Socializing, Reflecting + 20:30 Performing
Kino Šiška – Katedrala and Upper lobby
Tickets: 7 € presale, 10 € at the door
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Dancer, choreographer, performer and dramaturg Katja Legin, one of the most persistent young researchers of different aspects of stage performance and also the author of the book Dvojnosti – Performer in njegovo delo [Dualities – a performer and his work] (MGL, 2015), started a longitudinal studio research in a procedural theatre-dance unit No!training Lab with a group of colleagues in 2013. Through the multi-phase project, she and her colleagues researched staging possibilities for Kundera’s novel Slowness (1995). We have invited Katja Legin and her team to Co-festival to affirm the process and its time as the fundamental conditions of artistic work. We’ve decided to exhibit it retrospectively, reconsider and document it together at a social event, and round up the evening with the performance Variation on Slowness: Time Out 3.

No!Training Lab: VARIACIJE NA POČASNOST: TIME-OUT 2 (VARIATIONS TO SLOWNESS: TIME-OUT 2), Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana , 25.8.2016, 19. mednarodni festival Mladi levi

Sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow. Always in the wrong moment. The performance by No!training Lab deals with time: time we can’t catch, time that is unsustainable, time we forget ourselves in and time that forgets us. Time when we are “not ourselves”. And rather than tragic, all of it is, with some distance, funny.

Creation and performance: No!training Lab (Barbara Kanc, Barbara Ribnikar, Jan Rozman, Kaja Lorenci, Katja Legin, Nataša Živković)
Live Music: Joži Šalej
Sound Design: SZ3
Lighting Design: Tomi Janežič
Space and Costume Design: No!training Lab
Costume Design Consultant: Marina Sremac
Production: Studio za raziskavo umetnosti igre
Partners: Zavod Federacija, Španski Borci, PTL, Flota, Nagib

Duration: 90, 60 min

Supported by

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Organised by Kino Šiška and NDA.