Kino Šiška, Katedrala Hall, Thursday, 21st September 2017, 7pm
Vstopnina: 7/9 EUR
Trajanje: 50 min
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Photo: Anna van Kooij

In her work After Trio A, Andrea Božić, the Croatian choreographer living in Amsterdam, uses the canonic dance piece by Yvonne Rainer, for which it is hard to say whether it is a choreography or merely its fragment, a trio or solo, a dance score or the sum of all of her various embodiments and realisations, realisations in various media, a choreographic cutting, which has so far found itself in an array of various artistic, social and political situations and contexts, or the best presentation of American post-modern dance. In reality it is all this and more. Trio A is persistent. A real team or serial example of dance, or a choreographical piece in the broadest meaning of the word. The artist states that After Trio A is not a reconstruction, but a dialogue in which she addresses the term of use, transfer and copying as directly dependent on the specific context in which it is hosted, and is thus insecure, changeable, foldable. More than fifty years after Trio A was created it has entered the dance of Andrea Božić, however this time with new technologies that Rainer started using at the time they were beginning to emerge.

Koncept in koreografija/Concept and choreography: Andrea Božić

Koncept, video in izvedba/Concept, video and live performance: Julia Willms

Glasba, zvočna instalacija in izvedba/Music, sound installation and live performance: Robert Pravda

Ples/Dance: Izvirna predstava je bila ustvarjena v sodelovanju s plesalcema/The original performance was made in collaboration with dancers Dereck Cayla in/and Neda Hadji-Mirzaei

Izvedba na CoFestivalu/Performed at CoFestival by: Kaja Lorenci, Snježana Premuš

Oblikovanje svetlobe/Lighting Design: Henk Danner

Tehnična izvedba/Technical execution: Nico van der Vegte

Produkcija/Production: International Choreographic Arts Centre Amsterdam

Koprodukcija/Co-producers: Frascati, naročilo in koprodukcija/commissioned and co-produced by Cover#2 Festival


Naslov izvirne predstave/Title of the original piece: Trio A (1966) in Manifesto Proti / and No Manifesto (1965)

Koreografija/Choreographer: Yvonne Raine


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